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21 September 2009 @ 04:25 pm
He Is My Master, Charater Profiles  
Lee Taemin

Named after Lee Donghae and Lee Sungmin from Super Junior, this cute, supposedly 16 year old child is Minho new slave. Other than the fact he will not leave Minho and was produced to be a sex-slave, not much information is known about him. Minho suspects he knows something about the whereabouts of his missing poster.

A side note: Unknown to everyone else, Jonghyun has been teaching him animal noises.

Jonghyun's notes: Very fuckable.
Key's notes: I would have gone for a less gay name.
Minho's notes: Maybe I could teach him to sing Sorry, Sorry...
Jinki's notes: I'll be sure to look after him...

Choi Minho

A naïve, out-of-touch boy who is now the master of Taemin. Minho seems to have an affinity for Super Junior that out matches the whole of ELF, especially for Lee Donghae. No one is quite sure if he understands the situation, but he seems fine with Taemin stalking him all over the place.

A side note: The (proud) president of the local chapter of ELF and the manager of the Lee Donghae fancafe.

Jinki's notes: I'm patiently waiting for the day you return day to reality.
Key's notes: You did eat today, right?
Jonghyun's notes: Mildly fuckable. I don't think he's a moaner.
Taemin's notes: Minho is my master!

Kim Kibum aka Key

Onew's boyfriend, Minho's surrogate mother, and Jonghyun former fling. Growing up in the rougher part of Seoul under the care of his Aunt Bruki, Key is a slightly sassy, overprotective teen that always means the best. He and Jonghyun used to have a fling, though the reason for their break up is widely disputed, the student body cite it as a reason why he hates Jonghyun the way he does.

A side note: Minho sought him out over a misunderstanding in his name.

Minho's notes: You do look like him a little...though I'm still disappointed.
Jonghyun's notes: From experience, very, very fuckable.
Onew's notes: You and Jonghyun were DATING? Kibum, we need to talk.
Key's notes: Oh no, we don't need to talk. You can't come up in my business like that.
Taemin's notes: Mew.

Lee Jinki aka Onew

Kibum's other-half, student body president, ace student, and father-figure. Jinki isn't sure how he became involved with his three (now four) odd friends, and is constantly looking out for his image and their safety. He pretty much is the only normal person to roll with the Jonghyun-dubbed “Shinee” group. Onew is oblivious to Jonghyun's advances at Key and has no knowledge of their past together.

A side note: Secretly a masochist and wants a foursome with Minho and Jonghyun.

Minho's notes: You don't look like anyone from Super Junior.
Jonghyun's notes: I wouldn't fuck him if you paid me.
Key's notes: Like he'd let you, dickweed.
Taemin's notes: Pyun pyun.

Kim Jonghyun aka “Bling Bling” Jonghyun

Key's former fling and a disgruntle postal worker. A simple man that likes men, fucking and money. As to not repeat Key's introduction, Jonghyun still has feeling for Key, though the feelings aren't mutual. He hates Onew with a passion for dating Kibum. Jonghyun wants to be serious about his feelings but, oddly, he slightly respects Key's current relationship and happiness and is content with being able to talk to him. Key is apparently he one who gave Jonghyun the nickname of “bling bling”, which he cherishes.

A side note: Taemin was recently topped his “men I'd like to stick my cock in” list.

Minho's notes: You're a postal worker?
Onew's notes: What a terrible way to end it.
Key's notes: N/A
Taemin's notes: Gobble.
Jonghyun: Fuck you guys.

Lee Soo Man

A transvestite that lives in Jonghyun's apartment complex who is constantly trying to lure Jonghyun into his grasps. Rich and apparently knows the size of Kibum and Minho's you-know-what.

Onew's notes: Kibum, we really need to talk.
Key's notes: No, we really don't.
Jonghyun's notes: N/A
Minho's notes: Lee...Donghae...
Taemin's notes: Fwah fwah.

Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, and Shim Changmin aka Five Gods Rising from the East

A five-some that revolves around Jaejoong living in Key's apartment complex. They hate Onew as much as Jonghyun does and wish that Key and Jonghyun's love could bloom as it did before. They're nickname, like everyone else's, was given to them by Jonghyun, and is a sex joke that can't be ignored. Jonghyun and Key suspect that Changmin isn't getting enough lovin' compared to his hyungs.

Jonghyun's and Key's notes: Poor Changminnie.
Onew's note: Why are you guys writing notes together now?
Minho's notes: They're like Super Junior 2...
Taemin's notes: A weird liquid is coming out of Master's ears, kyun.

Super Junior

A mass orgy of thirteen men and Minho's favorite band. No one, suprisingly, suspects them of knowing anything about Taemin, and even if they did Minho would defend them with his life if Key tried something.

A side note: Jonghyun's best friend and cousin is Kim Heechul, but refuses to tell Minho.

A/N: Hope that shed some light on the characters and their personalities. More characters to be added if I feel like it.
M.coffeebang on September 22nd, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
These descriptions made me laugh so hard that my mom was actually worried about my sanity. Thanks I needed that xD
I think my favorites are Jonghyun being a dsigruntled postal worker and the very apt description of SuJu being a mass orgy of thirteen men.
Keep it classy like a lady ♥mdntstar13 on September 22nd, 2009 12:30 am (UTC)
I loved these descriptions.
Especially Taemin being Minho's sex-slave. Lol
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(Deleted comment)
govern by IMAGINATION...901younha108 on September 22nd, 2009 02:16 am (UTC)
key very fuckable...oh gosh..jonghyun..!
Ayu: key66reii_chan on September 22nd, 2009 04:16 am (UTC)
lol this is hilarious
ANNND oh ? .. jongkey <3
intricate_y on September 22nd, 2009 02:20 pm (UTC)
you have no idea how much I want to marry your brain right now. XD

but seriously, I CANNOT stop cracking up at Min Ho and his obsession with Super Junior. XDDDD That is something I cannot EVER picture him doing but I would still love to see him be. (I AM NOT MAKING SENSE!)

HAHAHA. Jong Hyun. It's so friggin predictable that he's the perverted idek creature who seems to want everyone (except Jin Ki) XD

I just want to pinch Tae Min's cheeks for his animal sounds! LOL! I swear he's adorable and I swear I can imagine him making those sounds with puppy eyes at Min Ho from the box naked O____O

haha. wonder how Min Ho will react after finding out about Jong Hyun's relation with Hee Chul..? KYAA! I cannot wait for more!!!
this was totally what I needed! school makes things sad and this just makes my day alllllllll better~ ^ ^
maiki_rashumaiki_rashu on October 16th, 2009 02:15 pm (UTC)
Funny. But I like your idea and now I really want to read that fic ^^
nicolenic_sama on November 26th, 2009 12:05 pm (UTC)
LOL Taemin's animal noises XD
So adorable, can't wait to actually read the fic!
ohmiya_sk_15ohmiya_sk_15 on February 26th, 2010 03:49 am (UTC)
aww taeminnie!! too cute!!! GOBBLE! "SOMETHING STRANGE IS COMEING OUT OF MASTER'S EAR. KYUN!" TOO CUTE! i can totally picture jonghyun being the "man-whore" (no offense) lol